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This campaigns aim is to create an alternative to the same old empty promises of the two main parties. They want you to think that they are thinking of you because they need your vote. The truth is, they are busy protecting and legislatively enhancing their corporate donors bottom lines.

We need to change a lot in Richmond. That starts with Candidates like me that pledge to take absolutely no corporate money. You see, I want to work for you. People are my community, my world. Corporations, despite what the Citizens United Supreme Court Decision said, are NOT people. Let's get back to us, our roads, our infrastructure, our schools, our healthcare, our small businesses, our families and the promise that all of those things should bring to our Commonwealth. I aim to serve Main Street, not Wall Street. Please take a look around and think about supporting and voting for a campaign that is for and about the citizens of the 81st District!

Thank you, Jeff Staples

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