Jeff Staples for Virginia Senate
"Keeping the Big Boys Honest"

will help lead us out of the politics of the past and into the solutions of the future .
W e can solve the problems of healthcare, housing, energy, jobs and much more!

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.       Please Vote Nov. 5th, 2019, Jeff Staples for Va. State Senate,5th District

I decided to get into the Virginia State Senate, 5th District Race, because I saw a total lack of  willingness on the part of the Incumbent Senator to stop a high pressure, fracked gas transmission line from coming through  the 5th District.
The  Pipeline in fact, comes within feet of many schools, neighborhoods, business and churches. It targets minority and low income communities that lack resources to fight back on their own. The whole duration of the fight against the Southside Connector Transmission line, the Incumbent continued to take "campaign contributions" from the builders and suppliers of the project. The Incumbent, in 3 decades, has yet to have a challenger in a general election.
 This could have been handled much differently.. I believe that many in the General Assembly have lost touch with the people. They have become beholden to the corporations that furnish them with hundreds of thousands of dollars. The corporations do this through securing legislation that will enhance their profits. Meanwhile, our schools, neighborhoods, healthcare, infrastructure, faith in our leaders and much more suffer.
I aim to change that in the 5th District. I pledge to work for you,  not to take any corporate money. I also pledge not to take more than $500 for the campaign from individuals a year. People before profits, because having true wealth, is having a happy, healthy, prosperous populace. I urge you to work with me towards this goal. Please support and vote for Jeff Staples for the Virginia Senate. I pledge to work for all of the people.

T. Marshall Elementary School's distance from the Southside Connector  Pipeline. The entire school, is within the Blast Zone!

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