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Jeff Staples is a graduate of Lynchburg College in Virginia. A native Virginian, he has always loved the Commonwealth, it's cities, it's rural areas and it's people.

He is an automotive repair professional in Chesapeake and is also in leadership roles of several state and local environmental and social justice organizations.

For his volunteer work he has won several awards. He has been involved with fighting and ultimately defeating the Atlantic Coast and Southside Connector Pipelines since they were in the planning stages. He was also instrumental in leading the coal ash fight against Dominion Energy on the Elizabeth River.

Staples has seen the lack of interest the present leaders have for the 81st District and he want's to help bring the area good paying, tech and clean energy jobs that will last well into the future.

The choice is clear, the politics of the past, or let's prepare for a brighter future. Please vote for Jeff Staples, Independent Candidate on November 2, 2021.

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