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I will help lead us out of the politics of the past and into the solutions of the future .
We can solve the problems of healthcare, housing, energy, jobs and much more!


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What to expect from this campaign part 2

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Some more of “what to expect before the upcoming election”:

Many of you know of my history of environmental activism. I have been part of some huge environmental victories and have been in some of the most spirited resistances to environmental blights.

But, I do not expect the "Big Green" organizations to endorse me. They like to play it safe. They generally back or stay silent about the legislators who will help them on some watered down legislation and betray them on others. They come out with scorecards that make these "topical" environmentalist legislators look good. Again, as with the Unions (discussed last week), the status quo is maintained.

So at best, I can hope that they decide not to endorse my opponent, or me. But who knows? Maybe they are over the need to have big, aristocratic names at their NOVA fundraisers? I hope so.

Regardless, I'll carry the torch.

What to expect from this campaign, part 1

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It will be close to 5 months before the November 5th election. I thought I had better tell you you folks how I expect that time to go. This is the 1st installment. Tonight, we will discuss Unions.


The establishment is going to try and ignore my candidacy. Unions will continue to endorse the establishment candidate even though I am a worker and I am the most pro blue collar candidate.

The Union leadership in most locals has fallen into a cloud of the past. They benefit from having their old line establishment guys in there, but the membership does not. The leadership pretends that the membership supports their candidates, but they do not. Also, the leadership turns a blind eye to the fact that the industry that the union folks work in, contribute at least 10 times more to the establishment candidate than the union does. Who is that candidate really going to try and make happy?

Since I do not take corporate or union money, the Unions should consider endorsing me. I don't want their money and I will be on their side anyway. The workers, will hopefully recognize this and vote for me despite their leaderships endorsement.

Mayor Sessoms, Gold Key, High class corruption

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The web of greed is deep. We need to stop " business as usual"! ‪#‎GoldKey‬ ‪#‎VirginiaBeach‬