Jeff Staples for Virginia Senate
"Keeping the Big Boys Honest"

will help lead us out of the politics of the past and into the solutions of the future .
W e can solve the problems of healthcare, housing, energy, jobs and much more!

I will continue to work for the expansion of Medicaid access.  I will work to lower cost for prescription drugs and push for better access for Virginians to mental health care.

Clean Energy and Transportation:
I will fully support the proposed Virginia Green New Deal. I am against the further exploitation of fossil fuel resources or infrastructure in the Commonwealth. I will also support workers training programs for new energies and technologies that will lead to good paying employment opportunities.
No to offshore oil and/or gas drilling, fracking and pipelines.
Yes to wind, solar, geothermal, tidal and other forms of clean energy.
I plan to work for big increases in public transportation funding and availability.

Campaign Finance:
I have pledged to not take any corporate money. I will I work  to see that the Virginia Legislature bans corporate contributions for all elected state officials as well.

Gender Rights:
I support reproductive health freedom rights. I support the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. I will also support the increased protection for those who have suffered from or are threatened by domestic violence.

Criminal Justice:
I support fiscal accountability by supporting alternative sentences and rehabilitative programs and services for nonviolent offenders.
Acknowledging the many medical benefits and the over criminalization of marijuana and how it is costing taxpayers billions per year to fund the war against it, I am in support of legalizing marijuana. I will fight to enforce our Constitution to prevent any infringements.

Should be our #1 priority! I support statewide raises of no less than 5% for teachers and support staff. Fully funding two years of Community College education and programs that train for careers, should be furnished to all residents students at no tuition cost to boost economy and boost employment opportunities which in turn has the potential to reduce crime and recidivism.. This program will rapidly pay for itself by having a trained workforce ready to tackle the industries and technologies of tomorrow thus  earnestly boosting the Virginia economy.

Gun Rights:
I do believe that the 2nd Amendment is the law of the land. I also am an avid deer and turkey hunter.  I do believe that we should have universal background checks for gun purchases/ownership transfers, except among family members. I also would vote to see bump stocks and noise suppressors banned from being legal in the Commonwealth.