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I will continue to work for the expansion of Medicaid access. I will work to lower cost for prescription drugs and push for better access for Virginians to mental health care. One way that we can accomplish these goals is to establish a public option for Virginia citizens. This option would create lower prices through the competition that it would provide to the private plans.

Residential Development:

I will introduce legislation that stipulates that no new residential building permits will be granted to any area that is in a school district in which a school is already at or above 110% of student capacity.

I will also require that before new multiple new residential building permits are approved, a study by the local government shall be done to determine if the roads leading to and from the proposed residential sites are at or above capacity. If they are at or above capacity, no further permits may be issued until the road capacity is enlarged.

Clean Energy and Transportation:

I will fully support the proposed Virginia Green New Deal. I am against the further exploitation of fossil fuel resources or infrastructure in the Commonwealth. I will also support workers training programs for new energies and technologies that will lead to good paying employment opportunities.

We will mandate that all new public buildings in the Commonwealth have rooftop solar panels installed so as to help pay their way in the form of clean energy.

No to offshore oil and/or gas drilling, fracking and pipelines.

Yes to wind, solar, geothermal, tidal and other forms of clean energy.

I plan to work for big increases in public transportation funding and availability, including requiring that if a new multiple business area is to be permitted. Public transit must be funded to go to that new destination for all of the hours that the facility is opened. Too many times, people who depend on public transit are shut out of job opportunities that are created outside of bus or other transit routes.

Campaign Finance:

I have pledged to not take any corporate money. I will I work to see that the Virginia Legislature bans corporate contributions for all elected state officials as well. We can accomplish this by increasing the salaries of our Senators and Delegates. Salaries could be fixed at $62,500 annually plus the per diems for offices, mailings and travel. This should attract quality Candidates who would want to put ordinary Virginian's concerns first.

Gender Rights:

I support reproductive health freedom rights. I support the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. I will also support the increased protection for those who have suffered from or are threatened by domestic violence.

Criminal Justice:

I support fiscal accountability by supporting alternative sentences and rehabilitative programs and services for nonviolent offenders.

Acknowledging the many medical benefits and the over criminalization of marijuana and how it is costing taxpayers billions per year to fund the war against it, I am in support of legalizing marijuana. I will fight to enforce our Constitution to prevent any infringements.


Should be our #1 priority! I support statewide raises of no less than 5% for teachers and support staff. Fully funding two years of Community College education and programs that train for careers, should be furnished to all residents students at no tuition cost to boost economy and boost employment opportunities which in turn has the potential to reduce crime and recidivism.. This program will rapidly pay for itself by having a trained workforce ready to tackle the industries and technologies of tomorrow thus earnestly boosting the Virginia economy.

Gun Rights:

I do believe that the 2nd Amendment is the law of the land. I also am an avid deer and turkey hunter. I do believe that we should have universal background checks for gun purchases/ownership transfers, except among family members. I do advocate that all private weapons be banned at all state government facilities.

I feel that the gun laws that we presently have represent a good balance of gun owner rights and sensible regulation.

Elections: I will submit legislation that requires that political party designations are no longer printed on ballots. It is time to push our voters to educate themselves on the candidates. Too often people vote with nothing other than their "chosen" party in mind.

New Taxes: I will support legislation to put a 1/2% state sales tax on stock and bond sales for those individuals whose yearly income is over $110,000, For couples, $180,000 would be the benchmark. This would raise more than 350 million badly needed dollars for our strapped budget. Too many tax breaks have been given to those who need them least. I will also offer legislation to only offer incentives to companies looking to expand or relocate to Virginia, that meet high worker compensation and benefits standards. The standards shall be monitored and any company failing at their worker compensation goals will have their incentives revoked.

Housing: The availability and affordability of homes, rented or owned, fundamentally affect the lives of Virginians across the state and in the 81st district. Rents for lower income households across Virginia have risen faster than incomes in recent years, meaning more families struggle to keep up with the cost of housing while covering other living expenses. Many households can only find affordable homes in their budget that are long distances from where they work, straining Virginia’s roads and highways and worsening our carbon pollution. In many communities, the salary of a full time public servant like a police officer or firefighter is not high enough to afford housing in the community where they serve. And, nowhere in Virginia can a worker earning minimum wage afford the average rental working a single full time job. Virginia can and should do more to ensure that its communities have a range of housing options available to all of its citizens that allows them to build savings, pursue educational opportunities, and thrive.

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